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I'm going to be moving to South Carolina in the Summer and soon after I want to have my car repainted. Are there any good shops near Charleston, SC that will paint a whole car? I'd prefer a shop that isn't like my local ones where they only want to do insurance jobs or they'll charge way more than their work is worth. I don't want to go to a shop like Maaco though. I probably won't have access to my DA polisher until December once I leave so I'd prefer a shop who won't trash the clear coat when they buff it if they even have to buff it at all.

Hopefully I'm not asking for too much.

Thanks guys.


I want the car repainted yellow. I was thinking velocity yellow (the color they use on corvettes). Is this taboo or anything? Don't wanna be the douche with a GM color on a mustang if it's highly frowned upon.
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