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The gun is a VL Triton 2. I have had it around a year or two. I have got a gun case, hoper, paintballs(not sure how many), mask, cleaning stuff, small CO2 adapter, 6 or 8 oz CO2 tank, a vest, and a stopper thing. I have played around 5 times, and the gun and stuff has been cleaned after ever game.

I bought the
-gun for $100
-CO2 tank for $10 or $20
-gun case for $30
-2000 paintballs for $30(but only had one bag and a half left)
-vest for $20

I will sale it all for $70 obo. I don't really want to sale the stuff by itself but I might.


^^^ The CO2 tank does not have much left at all, but you can take it to walmart and get it refilled for $5 or $6.

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