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painted my seats

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i dont know if anyone painted their seats with that duplicolor vinyl and fabric paint but i just did mine and it looks good i was just wondering if anyone else had done it because i was wondering how it holds up
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i would think it would stick to the fabric part really well......and as long as you prepped the vinyl well it would hold up too.....,but i dont have any experience with it
I'm not sure the brand, but I picked up a can of fabric/interior paint and did the seats in my old IROC and it looked great and held up for a long time. I sold the car to a friend of mine and it worked great as long as he had it. I did have to apply quite a few layers so it looked good, but no one could ever tell they were sprayed.
i did my door panels, and dash with that stuff and it worked wonders. heres a pic for ya. Eventually i wanna do the rest of the interior and then the seats if i dont buy new ones.

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So it looks like vinyl is no problem. That's a good thing to know. The seats I painted were cloth and I know that helped in keeping the paint on there.
thanks for the info my stuff on my cloth seats is stuck good it does not rub off at all so i hope it looks good for a while
Can someone put a picture of what their seats look like after they painted them, I was just wondering what it will look like. Thanks
Looks good

your trying to convert it to black right
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