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parents fight about going to track?

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anyone had this issue? parents dont want you taking your car to the track...any good way around it? i need some help here, i mean i dont have a concience, so i dont car if he condones it or not im still going, just some support would be are the one thing i have ever really shown an interest in and my dad is shitting all over it.
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I don't wanna sound like an old man here but lying to him will get you f-ed in the end. That phone call from the track one night cause you shelled something needing him to help you get the car back home will be the worse. There is always the option of not telling him and just going but, before you go that route let me throw something out there. May work, may not. Sit down with him like a man, tell him confidently and adult like, that you would like for both of you to go one nite/day. Tell him you just want him to see what it is that you are very interested in. Most parents would rather see there kids do what makes them happy (if its legal mind you) then nag them completly to death and have them go behind their backs and do god knows what. Just make him see that this is something you love and you arent out on the streets pounding it out and you arent out doing drugs and **** (I hope,LOL). My mom and dad where the same way with my bullriding. They didn't want me doing it and they definatly didn't wanna go. I sat them both down (even though they where divorced) and told them. This is what I am into, I know you where into stuff when you where young and I want you to go with me and see how much fun I have and I want your support. I didn't beg or plead with them I just made them see I was adult enough (even though I probably wasn't back then lol) to do stuff I loved and I was smart enough not to get hurt. Try that first. Good luck with it man.
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Hell, I am 30 years old and my dad still gives me grief about going to the track. It won't end. :D

Mine too.:D

I didn't make you any promises nor did I say it was easy, and all parents are definatly different. But IMHO try it first. If your parents where like mine you will be glad you did. And if they don't and they are still bull headed about it then you have to do what you are gonna do. No matter how old I get the two things that are always constent about my parents is that 1. my mother is so damn overprotective of me no matter how long I have been gone from her house, and 2. My father respects me 10 times as much when I make him sit down with me and talk to me like a man, not like a 16 yr old boy. But hell none of it may work and no matter what you do, there are gonna be things your parents will piss you off about, about in the end you almost always end up acting a little like em. :D
Punch him in the stomach and drag him to the track.
better yet..:nuts

You damn kids and your filthy rap music!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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