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parents fight about going to track?

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anyone had this issue? parents dont want you taking your car to the track...any good way around it? i need some help here, i mean i dont have a concience, so i dont car if he condones it or not im still going, just some support would be are the one thing i have ever really shown an interest in and my dad is shitting all over it.
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haha your parents are just like mine. and doc that is very good advice, but doesnt work all the time. My parents dont want me to drive fast or do anything to my car. When I still lived in their house I use to tell them that i just went to the track because I liked to watch the races and all my friends would take their cars out there. Yeah i know its better to tell the truth, but I tried doing what doc said. didnt work at all. They just think its stupid to beat on a car that was made just for transportation. They also think my car is still stock. haha. I dont know to tell you honestly. there is no good answer. If you have morals do what doc said, but they can always shut you down and not want you to go to the track. I just wish my dad was into cars like me. just know that if you dont tell them and they find out they will probably be pretty pissed and losing your parents trust is a bad thing and hard to get back.
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