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Parts for passenger window

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To make the whole situation quick and to the point, car was broken into (smashed passenger window), got it fixed after a few weeks or so the window started to not move up and down properly (it'd dip to the front when going down). A few days ago the window completely went off track. I opened my door panel and found that the window assembly that is right below the door lock was no longer attached to the wheel that runs in the guide rail. I removed the rail and the wheel and the wheel appears to have been pryed or something, but it was still complete. I re-attached the assembly to the wheel and the window was working better (still struggled to completely close but wasn't a huge deal). Anyhow it's doing it again and I think I'm needing to replace that part I'm told that I can go to my local junk yard to get it, but I'd rather just buy it new.

My question here is.....where would I find one? I've looked online (Google) for window assembly and had no luck in finding anything but the motor.

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