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i see alot of people posting that they still have the stock vortech/procharger intakes on their sc's. i know when i ran my stock intake form vortech the flex pipe poped off a few times and not to mention its just plain restirictive and sucks. having a blow threw maf setup with a vented bov/bypass valve deff keeps things simple so there are no extra bung needed. many people also still run the valve cover vent on the driver side valve cover into the intake track of the sc. i would recommend people use a vented oil catch can, or putting a filter on the valve cover and venting it atmospheric. on with the home made power pipe!

Vortech v1,v2,v3 s, si trims use a 3.5" inlets so you will need to start with a 90 degree bending reducer which is 4" on one side and 3.5" on the other side. it is 20 dollars

Reducer Elbow

from there you will need a 45 degree bend aluminum pipe which is the most expensive part at 30 dollars

Aluminum Pipe

last part you will need is a 45 degree silicone elbow which is 4" in diameter. cost 24.99

i dont have any pics of assembly but it is not hard. attach the 90 degree reducer to the sc inlet. you may have to trim some of it so it sits nice and close to the head unit.

the 45 degree aluminum pipe has to be cut to fit. it has to be cut so the pipe can clear the radiator hose. in the pick you can see how the intake pipe has to go down into the fender so that is the reason for the 45 degree bend

on the end of the 45 degree pipe you will have to trim it down a little but the 45 degree silicone elbow goes on the end of the pipe into the fender. use the excess aluminum pipe at the end of the 45 degree silicone elbow so you cant attach your air filter to the end. if your still draw threw just put the maf on the end of the 45 degree bend.

for those people who are still draw threw, or still like to run valve cover vents into the intake you can buy aluminum pipe from...
Order Aluminum Pipe Alloys 6061, 6063, 6101 in Small Quantities at
A good wright up for cheap power pipe
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