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I ordered a MAC catback from PARTSHOPPER and I was pleased with the price ($300) which at the time was a cheap as I could find it. Shipping was right in that 3-5 day ground area. This was the first mod to my car and also the first time buying anything off the internet and I was overall happy with the service. LINK

Next was my suspension, my H&R super sport springs were ordered from ebay from a company that was actually going out of business so I got a great deal on them everything else went smooth shipping was fast no problems.

After I was informed that C/C plates and new shocks and struts would be a good idea I was surfing the net again for some more deals, well I ended up finding
the site had everything I needed and on top of that the guy will meet or beat any price you can find on the web and he also give a military discount 5% which I thought was pretty cool. I ended up ordering my MM C/C plates which ran me $169 and my tokico shocks and struts that cost me $270. The shocks and stuts are a good example of how the owner price matched cause they are listed at $316 on the website. Now the only issue I had with them was shipping the site must not of taken my apartment number down cause UPS kept saying they couldnt find my place so I ended up having to drive up to the UPS store and pick them up. Overall happy with the price and the product.
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