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Pedestal mount replacing questions

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I have old pedestal mount style Twisted wedge heads and I think the mounts are shot. When the engine ran, back in the jurassic era, it made all kinds of noise, like I've never heard before. It was definitely from the drivetrain and it would come and go as I would drive. Sometimes it would get really loud, almost like lifter tick, only like every lifter simultaneously and louder. I am replacing the lifter hold down (whatever that thing is called that looks like a spider) and I'm thinking I need to replace my pedestal mounts because some of them look flattened out at the tips. How do those come out? are they pressed in there? also, where do I get those? and last.. do you think I will be solving my problem? I have practically entirely new valvetrain going in including pushrods, lifters and rockers. The only thing staying is the valves and the springs and I had a valve job done and the heads cleaned.
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Even better yet.. is it possible to convert them to stud mount style?
No I mean the actual pedestals. I already have the rockers off but some of the pedestals themselves are a little elongated due to some fluttering of valvetrain components.

I don't have the heads in the car so I haven't adjusted the lash yet, I'm just concerned with the looks of them.

Ok I cant get a picture to work but I'll show you as soon as I figure out how.
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Success! See what I mean though? There are a few that look like the one on the left.
Not yet, just wanted to verify that they can be replaced before I called. I was thinking they were pressed in but I wasn't sure. Thanks SALIV8.
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