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I have learned alot through my constant desire to do something different. I attempt to take on challenges that seem to big to accomplish. I have seen how people have a hard time supporting an idea that does not conform to the "norm" and i have really watched as some people really hate you for getting support or credit from anybody else.
I never expect everybody to like my ideas. I am always sure somebody will disagree. I feel there is absolutley nothing wrong with that! I also like when people actually have a legit reason behind thier thinking.
The thing that bothers me. Is lack of respect. What point in our lives did the internet all of a sudden become a warzone of hate comments and serious trash talking? What makes it ok to say the things people say to each other onlne? Growing up i never walked up to somebody and said "dude you are super gay with your stupid ass clothes and your ugly ass car" but somehow online its ok to say that to people....
The internet is a great tool to bringing the car community together. But its like a ticking time bomb for anybody that wants to be original or have thier own taste... Why does everybody have to be the same? Why is somebody labeled as stupid if he doesnt get the same exact style as everybody esle...?
For me personally... I won't go anywhere. I am a car guy, and the Jerks that talk trash are just that... Jerks. I only worry about the new guys, the young guys just getting started in the car scene, and getting told how to do everything instead of getting supported on their choices. Sure there is a grey area where we might give somebody advice if they ASK for it. But we need to stop telling everybody they are doing it wrong. Start supporting people in a friendly way and encourage people to build thier cars. Stop tearing down peoples dreams.

Anyways, thats all for now-

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