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******* performance c4

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Anybody used one? They offer a built c4 with rev valve body abd trans brake with a custom stall for 1200. They say it's good to 800 *coughs* But I won't be pushing near that.
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ask e3sean thats what he's running in his
ask e3sean thats what he's running in his

Will do thanks.
yep i run one. the only problems i have had was the plunger on the transbreak was getting stuck cause the roll pin was popping out i pushed it back in and it has been fine.
and i cracked the case but i had it switched it out.

make sure you e mail them and tell them you want the coleen steels and red altos cause they jipped me i got stock steels and red altos.. but the whole back half was machened and bearinged..
Cool. Any idea why the case failed?
the front pressure port cracked.. i guess its a common problem.
I am tired of my 5 speed. And am wanting to change up. I suppose PA is worth the money, but these guys prices are sweet.
No personal experience, but my dads friend has had one for about 6(ish) months with about 10-12 trips to the track with no problems what so ever
Good to hear
just to add, its nothing too serious, the car makes around 400 whp/tq, so if you are any higher than that i dont know anyone with experience
A lot of local guys use them and most only have positive things to say. They have a pretty good rep for excellent quality to price ratio...
do a search on the corral. several unhappy people
if you want a good c4 ive been looking into a frank lupo c4 for my build up
if you want a good c4 ive been looking into a frank lupo c4 for my build up
I'll check it out too.
PTC in alabama has good stuff, we run them in 3 cars and have had zero problems,

Performance Torque Converters - Performance Torque Converters

I paid 1650 for a c4 rev man valve body, trans brake, good internals, 6 pinion planetary, kevlar band, billet servo's deep pan hardened input shaft bla bla bla bla all the good **** with a 3800 nitrous convertor and SFI flex plate.

if you call them ask for lane, and be ready to spend 45 min with him, very knowledgeable but very very talkative.
i love my *******...several 10 second passes on it. and some a little faster :)
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