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Hey guys, I wanna ask a huge favor to you photoshop people !
Today, I was a the 1 yo bday party of a daughter to my really close friend jessica.

Emeree is the little girls name.

A little behind this project:
Emeree was born with CF (Cystic fibrosis) very dangerous disease to the lungs basically. Cystic fibrosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This video will teach you alot:

Jessica has a lot to go through dealing with this. She gets as much help from her family as she can, but she isn't very close to them. The one person she was very close to was her MiMi (grandmother).
Her grandmother died about 2 months or so before she had her baby, she was in the ICU after a major surgery, intubated and hardly conscious. But enough to know what she was going through before she passed.

Today at Emeree's 1st birthday party, Jessica's grandfather put a gift in for Emeree from ''MiMi''. It was a pair of ear rings and bracelet of hers. It hit the family pretty hard. She was a big part of all of their lives.

Im asking this favor of you guys. Can you please chop up a picture of MiMi Jessica and Emeree. I have one picture of Jessica and her MiMi, and not many "good" pictures of Emeree to work for this, but ive searched and searched their albums to find these.

I know its not much to work with, just let me know what you can do. I was thinking of having Emeree in between them in that picture and crop is down some what like she did in her decorated edit of that picture. I dont have any cool picture software so if you dont mind. Do some things to it. See if you can make it look all "cute" like a girl would like, and make it look half way real if possible lol. I want to print this and frame it for her and her family.

Thank You so much !!!!

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sorry i don't check the chopshop much anymore...thanks for the email...the pics aren't much to work with so i'm sorry i couldn't make it look better :(

but i hope it will do....

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