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Photoshop Expert Needed

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Can anyone help a guy out?

I have a 07 Vista GT with a Steeda front grill, can someone slap some replica wheels from

Mustang Wheels at Wheel Replicas, The Mustang Wheel Specialist!

I have to replace the front two fan blade wheels anyways, I figured why not consider these.

Help is greatly appriciated.:sorry
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I like those. You should PM ZOOTOXIN, he is great at photoshop.
think they would look good on a vista gt with the steeda competition front???
Have you looked at the Steeda wheels? They are sexy, I really want some of the silver Pentars. Those wheels I think would be more appropriate for a mach1/boss theme. I think there are better choices for te look you have.
isnt jucostud pretty good with photoshop? or am i wrong? nice set of wheels tho
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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