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PI Swap

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So, I went and picked up my "new" heads (assembled still), intake, valve covers and cams. Going to start the swap tomorrow. Im pretty excited really. haha.

Pretty much stole the damn stuff for $375.
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awsome. dude you are going to notice such a huge difference in power its insane!!
Did you pull your motor when you did yours?
well, the car was on a lift we dropped the front suspension and lifted the car off the engine lol.

turns out i don't need it. The previous owner never told me he already did the swap. Go figue. Ill have a add up in the classifieds soon now i guess. And since i need money alot more than i need extra heads/intake/cams in my room... $350 +shipping.
you sir are a lucky bastard lol :p
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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