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PI Swap

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So, I went and picked up my "new" heads (assembled still), intake, valve covers and cams. Going to start the swap tomorrow. Im pretty excited really. haha.

Pretty much stole the damn stuff for $375.
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thanks! I'm on my way out to start!
turns out i don't need it. The previous owner never told me he already did the swap. Go figue. Ill have a add up in the classifieds soon now i guess. And since i need money alot more than i need extra heads/intake/cams in my room... $375 +shipping.

EDITed price so i can just get my money back.
I guess so. haha.
I edited the price to 375+shipping. Im just looking to get my oney back out of them. I dont have enough posts to set up a classified so... here ya go.

These are WINDSOR style heads.There is Heads, assembled with the PI cams, Intake with the alluminum cross over, and valve covers. I dont know why, but one of the covers is missing all the bolts.

sorry about the quality, these are from my blackberry. haha.

if youre interested, just let me know.

I can take more pictures if you want too.

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im thinking about getting them lol, i just need to know the shipping cost
as soon as i weigh them i can get a quote... i have no idea what this all weighs though...
pm sent
Pics of Cam Gears as requested...
All PMs replied.
You are correct. I was wrong. Sorry if I wasted your time bro.
Windsor Heads/intake/cams $250 Tonight Only Pickup
1 - 11 of 23 Posts
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