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Thanks for the compliments everyone!

great photos man, what camera do you use?
Nikon D80

Awesome photo
I love that shot. It was such a quick shot, I was still sitting in the car but I saw the peope running into the street to take pictures so I had to get it quick. So it's not necessarily "framed" properly but it's so in the moment that I think it works perfectly.

That was a teaser clip from the last drive we did. The newest one isn't a public video. If anyone is interested visit and sign up for the Mischief Alliance. **I'm not trying to promote the site, just sharing the info in case anyone wants to see better and longer videos)

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it's all about that murcielago Super veloce.
Dude I'm not gonna lie. Your sig looks like Jesus is hiding behind that wall about to try to rape your car.
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