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I recently replaced my TOB because I was getting the annoying chirping sound which was real fast like a cricket and always did it whether at an idle or moving. However, I was also hearing a squeeling noise which increased/decreased with the car's speed and that sounded like a belt.

I replaced the TOB and greased the bearing, input shaft, and clutch fork/pivot ball.

Now I don't hear the fast cricket noise at idle. I don't hear anything when idling. The noise only starts when I accellerate or decellerate.

I am certain the noise is from the rear of the engine. But just to make sure I pulled the belt off (new belt) and spun all the pullies except the crank and each one spun freely with no noise or grinding.

What does it sound like when the Pilot bearing fails??? I've never had one fail and never had to replace one yet so I don't know the signs of one that is bad.
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