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Pits in Rims

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I finally got some better photos of car. Last camera was regular dig. I got a Dslr finally. And washed it today too. Also i noticed like pits in the rims. No good. Any suggestions on how to remove. THere is a wheel guy that travels to houses to fix rims. Anyone have luck with wheel repair people?

Here is wheel problem:

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damn dude nice
give your car to me
How long have you had the wheels. American Racing will warranty that kink of thing for 1 year. I would contact them they are less than a year old.
looks good man.
I got them in september of 2007. So they are still covered under warranty. I will contact them this week then. Thanks for the info
No problem man. Car looks great by the way!!
Thanks for comments. I appreciate it. I just spoke with American racing. They stated they cover rims for 2 years for peeling but don't cover pits. He stated to me that the acid from brake pads causes the pits. Not sure if he is full of **** but i just contacted the guy that sold them to me.
he's is right about the pads.

nice ride btw
That doesnt sound right, I would contact someone else. Pitting and chipping are both usually from poor chroming
Chrome is a soft metal. you can cause pits easily by something as simple as using too harsh of a cleaner.
Thats true also, but usually on a quality name brand wheel it doesnt happen very often
i have some in my wheels to...i cant complain i got mine for cheap...they arent really the wheels i wanted just anything was better than dad has some **** that he takes alot of patients and arm strength which i have none of...
thats why im glad mine are billett aluminum and are powder coated :D
Yea the guy i just bought them from is looking into warranty. I might consider getting powder coated rims if he is will to make change. And those damn rivets sections are a real pain in the ass to keep clean.

Yea i have some chrome polish and cleaner but the only way i would have patience to clean them is to take off, clean, then put back on which i will probably do b/c want to paint the calipers.
My AR Rebels are about 3 years old and havent had any problems, do you drive your in the snow/salt?
yea i did and i know thats why mine are pitted.... (if that was directed towards me)
either of you really, but mainly to the OP
Never driven in the snow. I really didnt get much snow this year. Maybe some salt after the fact but i would try to keep clean b/c i know salt will pit the chrome.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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