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Hello all,

I tend to be a bit long-winded in my posts so I shall do my best to keep this brief.

I have a 2012 gt currently with stainlessworks catback, airaid intake, a bunch of suspension work and running a Bama tune.

I have a cobra jet intake manifold/gt500 throttle body& intake sitting in my garage and am planning on getting a set of stainlessworks long tubes and x pipe next month.

I'm looking for a shop that is relatively close to the Pittsburgh area to get dyno tuned. I may or may not have the shop also install the parts as well - my pop has a garage but he has a business to run and trying to get in there when he has an open bay/lift and during which I'm not working is a dubious proposition at best.


Looking for a dyno shop close-ish to Pittsburgh that also offers part installations.

Thanks in advance,
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