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ok i have a 93 5.0 5spd and when i received the car the check engine light doesnt come on so i figure the bulbs missing or burnt out. i had the codes checked to see what problems the car may have and got codes

54 act out of range so i look where the act would be and theres not a sensor there or a place to put one it just a connector there hanging theres a flat spot on the intake where the sensor would go if it was drilled and tapped

i was told the intake manifold is a explorer manifold

can i get a resistor to trick computer to think it has a good working sensor or am i gonna have to drill and tap the intake and install a sensor ( i know that would be the proper way)

any help will be apreciated

the car idles like poop and bucks driving at lower rpms at times but the car has awesome power
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