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Okey so i recently sold my ported and polished heads and intakes ( v6 mustang) and since then numerous people have been asking where the porting was done, and if i could get stuff ported for them as well. Luckily the guy who did all my porting is a very good friend of mine and has had two years experience at the car quest machine shop in town. He no longer works there but he still does some porting on the side. After talking with him, he agreed to offer porting services over the internet with me. All his porting is gasket matched, in as far as possible. I have pictures from the porting he did on my car as well as from a 3.4l camaro he did for a friend of mine. We will pay to ship the stuff back, and clean them up as well, but you must provide shipping to us, and a neccasary gaskets to match to. So heres the prices...
heads- $115 (both, no valve or bowl work)
lower intake- $65
upper intake- $60
throttle body- $60 (porting and halfshafting)
Eveverything together- $280
2v V8
heads- $150
lower intake- $85
upper intake- $80
throttle body- $65
everything together- $360
turn around for porting and halfshafting a throttle body would probally be sent back out the same day it is recieved. A full set of heads, intakes, and tb is about 3-4 days
okey here are the heads, and intakes that came off my car. This is pretty much how they came off the car i didnt really get a chance to clean them up any because i then sold them right away. So yes they are dirty and that makes them look bad but you can see the porting
upper intake
Mustang - 00 upper porting
lower intake
Mustang - 00 lower porting
Mustang - 00 head porting
Lower intake
Uncategorized - camaro lower after
ported/ half shafted throttle body
Uncategorized - 34 throttle body front open
other side of throttle body
Uncategorized - 34 throttle body back
upper intake to throttle body
Uncategorized - 34 upper tbody inlet
please post in here, and send me a pm or an email at [email protected]
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