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Possibly Parting out 69 Mustang Coupe

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I have a 69 mustang coupe with a 302, edelbrock intake and edelbrock carb, c4 automatic tranny, and ford 9 inch with 3.00:1 gear. Interior is in good condition, anyone interested in parts if i'm unable to sell the car for what i want for it?
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depending on the price, i'd be interested in the rear end, know the lock?
which carb? which intake?

just saying edelbrock doesnt help
stock 302 heads or maby some 289's by chance?
Dash color?
i would be interested in the rear quarter glasses
got an MSD 6AL box by chance??
what shape is body in ,and how much for whole car?
i'm thinking hes not coming back :dunno
i think you are right.
How's the hood? Mine got smashed today, and I'd preffer one made by Ford, and not a Chinese reproduction.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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