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Pressure plate and flywheel hardware! Along with all our clutch components, we carry the hardware to make the parts work! Pressure plate bolts and dowel kits available. Fortes would like to provide you with the torque specs for these hardware items.

•For modular 4.6L and 5.0L engines use part no. M-6397-B46
•For SBF Pushrod engines use part no. M-6397-A302
•For Coyote flywheel hardware use part no. M-6379-C

Coyote pressure plate kit contains:
•Pressure plate bolts
•3 stepped dowel pins
•3 dowel pins

Pressure plate bolts (Coyote)
•Stage 1: Tighten bolts to 63 Nm (46 lb-ft).
•Stage 2: Tighten an additional 60 degrees.

Pressure plate bolts (SBF Pushrod motor):
•Tighten bolts to 25ft/lbs.

Flywheel Bolts (Coyote):
•Stage 1: Using an alternating or criss-cross pattern, torque the
bolts to 177in/lbs
•Stage 2: Tighten an additional 60 degrees.

We have clutches and flywheels themselves too, let us know what you need!

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