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problems installing off road please

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i installed a off road pipe today,everything went great except for the 2 front 02 sensors,the wiring is to short,and they wont reach the new location,do i need to extend the wires?or do i just cap the holes and eleminate the 2 front sensors?has enyone else had this problem?
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I think you need some o2 extensions, pretty cheep, I know you can block off the rear sensors/get ride of the wires. And then shut it off from a tuner, but as far as the front ones I belive the computer needs to read whats coming out, otherwise you will throw a code.
BBK Performance Auto Parts - BBK O2 Sensor Extension Kit - 1676

Description: Necessary for use on all Mustangs looking to change out their midpipe and full length header applications, these 02 Extension harnesses extend the length of your 02 sensors, enabling them to actually be connected to the harnesses that report to the cars ECU whats going on with your car. No check engine lights here. These will work for all Mustangs from 1986-2004, just plug and drive! Sold as a set of two
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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