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This midpipe set up or any midpipe with hi-flows is not talked about too much. I know up until about 2 yrs ago. Mac made a prochamber with CATCO hi-flow cats, but for some reason that set-up stopped being produced. I believe it was Blow by Blow racing that wanted to start selling prochambers with magnaflow hi-flow cats. I guess that never came to fruition.
Prochamber w/hi-flows is a little price option. $389 for the prochamber, $225 for pair of magnaflow cats, about $85-100 to have the cats welded in. That is midpipe that cost nearly $715. Best bet is to pick-up a used prochamber. I bought mine from local seller off craigslist for $250.00. The sound of an o/r prochamber like any midpipe is loud when you compare it to the stock catted H. Believe it or not at certain RPMS all o/r pipes including the prochamber can sound raspy. What did hi-flows actually do for the sound. The volume is in between the stock H and the o/r prochamber- just loud enough. Cleaned the sound up were it didn't sound as raspy and compared to the o/r prochamber it gave it a deeper tone. I also got back the back pressure that I was missing with the o/r midpipe.

Prochamber w/hi-flows is a little expensive $710-720 parts and labor. Buy a used one if you can.
Volume is just right (of course that also depends on your axlebacks)
Any lack of back pressure will be resolved when adding hi-flows.
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