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I was looking on the procharger website in the tech part, and it says the following:

Consult your owner's manual to determine if your belt tightening system is manual or spring-loaded. If the belt is loose, tighten the tensioner-adjusting nut. Be sure that the "pivot points" on your supercharger mounting bracket are not yet tightened or have been loosened for adjustment. Refer to you owner's manual for the location of these points. The tensioner-adjusting nut should be tightened until the springs located internally in the tensioner bottom out and the base of the tensioner itself will begin to rotate as you tighten. Continue to tighten the tensioner-adjusting nut until the base of the tensioner arm rotates with the tesnioner arm. Hash marks on the tensioner base and tensioner arm are machined into these pieces for your reference.

After the arm and tensioner rotate together at the same rate, stop tightening and then back off the tensioner-adjusting nut slightly until you can detect 1/4" to 1/2" of deflection in the belt. Tighten the bracket down at the pivot points.

Are they talking about the Procharger's tensioner or the vehicles tensioner?

Also has anyone seen an 8 rib pulley KIT for the 99-04's?

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Go to and find phill he knows all that is procharger and v6.

stangcharger here should know most of that info also.
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