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procharger rattle noise at idle is it normal

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I recently bought a 5.0 95 mustang that has a procharger supercharger on it. the car is a stock longblock with only bolt on mods , nothing internal.

I have driven it several hundred miles and it is running Ok ( though I remember these cars being faster then they are)

But at an idle the procharger rattles internally.

I have a video of it on you tube

Is this rattle at idle normal. the supercharger is suposed to be near new, and from the paperwork he gave with the car it has about 1k on it. I just changed the oil in the charger, and it didn't change the noise and I took off the intake tube to see if the shaft was loose and it is not. it appears to be the gears internally vibrating and rattleing when the engine idle is too low for the charger to be doing anything but going along for the ride.

once you add some rpm and the unit starts to work it sounds fine.
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I run a vortech head unit on my car, and other then the whistle it makes no noise. NEver ran a procharger on a fox, but if it makes you feel anybetter my dads novi 2200 rattles JUST the same and it's been on his 06 with about 150 passes under it's belt.
its proly just the gears inside at idle the rpm's are not constant and bounce around since there is lash in the gears they are proly bouncing back and forth from the inconsistancy of rpm's then once under acceleration there is constant forward force so the rattle stops... not saying thats 100% it but thats what i came up with.
mine does it, and so do most other's i've heard. doesn't sound good, but it's done it since i've owned it (about 4 years) and i've had no issues with it.
Some rattle , Some dont. I wouldn't worry about it. Doesn't effect it's performance in any way.
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