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Well as many of your regulars may know by now, i pretty much blew my engine come last january.... Well heres the sich... I have orderd all new internals (my block was still perfectly machined from the factory), they are installed along with the factory head p&p'ed. It was cheaper to reuse some of the parts which had no damage so thats what happened there. Also ordered me a set of longtubes and a bunch of bolt ons, as for the neccessity of the longtubes? got a brand new comp cams XE262AH for the little extra get up and go along with some gears (not sure on the ratio yet). Cams took long enough... been waitin 5 months on them they finally arrived today... but as far as that goes i should have some pics and vids soon so keep tuned in!

4.6L iron block
Cast internals (brand new but couldnt afford forged)
Ported and polished PI heads with new valves and the like
Comp cams XE262AH cams
70MM throttle body with spacer
Stack racing CAI
Steeda underdrives
MAC longtube headers
Auto trans with brand new seals and the like
Aluminum driveshaft (mine was wobbly)
Gears (havent decided on 3.73's or 4.10s some help on this would be nice)

After everything is installed i plan on doing the initial 500 mile break in and then getting the car dyno tuned with charts so you guys can see the numbers... Im expecting 280-300 but we will see. Also i plan on staying N/A and gonna boost a new 5.0 once I get ahold of one of them. Add your own suggestions please on what else I can do to make an aggressive DD
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