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My goal is turn my silver 2004 v6 mustang into a throwback to a 1971 Mach 1.

Before Paint Mods
-71 Mach 1 style hood
-Mach 1 sail panels
-GT side scoops
-OEM left front fender and OEM front bumper (someone backed into my car :()

-Repaint Silver
-Flat black trim done like 71 Mach 1's with slight modification:
----Modern rocker stripe
----Blackout between taillights
----Black spoiler
----Black on top of hood

-Turn style hood pins
-Chrome bumper inserts
-Mach 1 chin spoiler
-retint windows
-new rear window louver
-Black billet grill
-Gunmetal black shelby razors 18x9

Future Goals
-Complete suspension overhaul (drag style)
-When 6er dies a 351 is takin its place

*Currently workin on the body (still got 4 years left under full warrenty so im gonna milk it :)) then movin on to performance mods. Will post up threads as I get stuff complete*
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