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ProSource Wholesale Flooring's customer appreciation day was a complete success! On Saturday April 23rd, they invited us out for some good fun and bar-b-q. Boy oh boy was that a good ol' time! They have a lovely showroom with hundreds of types of flooring, tile, wood, and natural rock. The perfect go to place for all your flooring needs. Wonderful selection and impeccable customer service. I thank them for putting on such a cool little event, food and cars supplied. We had just enough cars to fill the parking lot to give the customers something nice to look at, and the fajita and chicken was awesome! I'm sorry I didn't snag any pictures of the food, Lord knows my hands were busy with my own plate of deliciousness. Maximum Velocity was there with their gorgeous Sonic Blue Terminator, and handed out some goodies of their own, thanks Tracy! A very special guest appearance by a certain Deceptacon was greatly appreciated. Never get tired of looking at that car. Turned out, he was also the people's choice and was voted the most awesome car there, I completely agree. Enough jabber jawing around, here are some of my favorite pics, link to the rest and full size 18MP images included. Thanks for looking!

ProSource 1st Annual Show and Shine

Yours truely. ;) lol

Where all things great come from.

My two favorite stangs, in the same shot at last.

The lineup.

"Sinner" from Dallas, TX. Thanks for makin' it out.

Haaln's beast "Einstein". Eight inches of raging silence. Haha. Such a well behaved pup.

That is all, until next time of course.
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