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After a bit of hiatus, we take the Cooks TwinTurbo 05 Mustang Back out to SpeedWorld Drag Strip for a bit of TnT during Arizona's Fastest Street Car event.
It took a little bit to get back in the swing of things, but Dana came thru when I lined her up against a pretty fast truck when she thought she was gonna run a single. The starter asked me if I wanted to line 'em up and I wanted to see her reaction. She didn't fail me.
She came out with a 0.036 RT on a .400 Pro Tree with a 1.25 60 ft
A [email protected] 1/8 mile
She got outta the groove before the 1000ft and had to lift. She slowly got back into it.....VERY hard to do in a turbo car..........and ended up with a [email protected] This car has a VERY small area of view to drive the car with the huge hood, it was at night with less than optimal lighting and it's hard to jump in and drive this car with that much time off.
............sorry no night pics

We went back early Sunday morning. The first run had a great start, but the track was a bit green just before the 330ft and she had to lift. We had someone taping the run, so I took a look and we made a slight suspension change.
The next run was gonna be a good one. I had a pretty good feeling about it.
I lined the car up in the water box a bit was pullin the car a bit to the left when she burned the line. She was only a hair off on her burn thru, but I backed her in the groove and was able to use most of it. SHe staged perfect, bumped in just right and was only a hair off her RT with a .042. It sure was looking like a great run in the making. The track was holding the power and she and the car were hauling AZZ!
I knew it was another 7sec and it seemed like a new best.
Well............she crossed the line with a [email protected]! SHe threw the chutes and made the turn as we ran back to the pits with huge smiles on our faces. The smile I was looking for was Dana's as she came back to the pits.
She shook her fists and gave us all a big thumbs up! That smile on her face why I help Dana and her husband Don with this car!

Not too damn bad for someone that raced 13 and 14 second cars quite a few years ago and JUST got her license in February!:rockon:rockon:rockon:rockon

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