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Yes I am asking about this
I know I will get a bunch of answers such as “why”, “who cares”, “so the car can be stolen” etc.... hopefully someone will just give me some help.

So I want to add push button start to my 05 manual. Why- because I want to, & seems like a fun winter day project! I don’t want to have to use the key at all!! - I don’t care about it being stolen, I really doubt that will happen. It’s in my garage and I drive it about 200 miles a year. Never even leaves my site when I drive it.

Has anyone used this?
BANVIE Car Alarm System RFID Push Engine Start Button & Keyless Go System for Vehicle Anti-Thief Double Layer Start Protection

seen a lot of YouTube videos, seems pretty straight forward. Can it work with a manual, I know there is chips in the 05 keys, and steering column lock.

Any positive useful feedback on setting this up.
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