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Well, I had a problem with my mufflers and I contacted Pypes about them this weekend. I copied and pasted directly from my e-mail. Nothing is added or deleted. I also spoke with Pypes this morning, explained the problem, how I believe the problem started (bad stamp and die), and Pypes said they would replace the mufflers-------PERIOD...... I will continue to recommend this brand of muffler to everyone who asks....Keep in mind that this is two years after my initial purchase...

I was wondering about your warranty and what it really covers.
First, let me tell you tht I have been running Pypes mufflers, tail pipes
and X-pipe for about two years on my 2003 Mustang GT. They are by far the
best sounding mufflers I have heard on a cammed modular motor. i have
effectively recommended Pype brand exhaust to hundreds of people on (feel free to have a look for yourself) over the past
couple of years.
Anyway, on with the issue at hand. I was very disappointed this week to find
out that one of my mufflers had seperated at the rear and the internal
baffle had completely fell apart from the outer housing. I put a pair of
Flowmaster 40 series mufflers on the car today for a temporary fix (they
were readily available), but I am not impressed by the sound at all.
Does Pypes warranty the integrity of the muffler casing material?
Thanks, AC Miller

Reply by Mike Zimmerman:
All Pypes mufflers carry a full lifetime gaurantee. All you need to do is
return the two defective mufflers and we will send out the replacements.
You will be responsible for the shipping to and from your location.

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