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Pypes Mid-Muffler install time / any tips?

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Well, as some of you may have seen, I had a hell of a time putting in my 4-piece Pypes OR/H-pipe on this weekend :mad: (

My Pypes Mid-Muffler setup is scheduled to arrive today, and I was wondering how long it took you to install the system. I'll be installing it by myself with just jack stand (no access to a lift).

Any tips about the install? Anything I should know before diving in?

Wish me luck!
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installing mine of wednesday!! let me know how it goes, and how they sound
GOTTORQ - The earliest I will be able to install is Wednesday morning due to my work schedule, so maybe we'll both be going through hell at the same time?
It shouldn't be too hard. The hardest part will be aligning the tips, but I'm not too sure of that is a problem with a cat back. I know that it is with an axle back.
alright sounds good
Not sure on how different the install is of pypes and Frpp stingers but the only problem I ran into was when removing the original mufflers theres 2 bolts attached to the hangers that are a pain to get off, not to put on. They are right above the muffler, and hard to get around to remove. The other was ford puts a small tac weld on the gasket for the original muffler that you have to pry off. Otherwise fairly smooth instal. good luck
looks like i'm the only one that has put these on before... It is a pain to pull out the stock pipes that go over the axle! make sure you have your car up high enough to pull them out! Putting the new cat back in is easy because it is broken down into smaller pieces. Also, make sure that your pipe running next to gas tank is as far away from it as possible! if not, it will rub against it and it will get very annoying! You will probably want to take it into a shop to get the tips welded on, at this time you can also tell them to make sure it is aligned right... cost me $35 to get tips welded on and pypes straightend along with getting the whole thing welded together. They sound awesome when you get them on!!
Thanks for the info guys. Looks like I may be installing Thursday morning before work.
I ended up just taking it in to the shop to have it installed.

Time, frustration and bloody knuckles saved was worth the $100.
I thought it would've cost more than that. Did you have them weld the tips on? If not, you'll want too, because you can see the clamps from the side.
Indeed. The whole system is welded.

And holy crap is it loud! It's a bit "tinny" at times, but I know this will calm down once some carbon builds up.
My son GOTORQ installed his Tuesday night.
easy install under 2 hours start to finish
time consuming adjusting and lining up the pipes so they were away from the gas tank and drive shaft.
Hardest part was getting the stock exhaust out that ran over the rear axle
Make sure you can lift the car as high as you can if working off the floor and not a lift made it easier.
They do sound nice.

Good Luck
exactly what my father stated above..sounds great..hardest part was getting the stock exhaust out..other than went on like a piece of cake..but they do rub against the gas tank..=( a little concerned...any tips juco?
you've just got to get under there and move the pypes around untill they clear the tank enough. my left side rubbed and the right one didn't until i got under there and fixed it.
I'll have to get under the car and see how clear things are. Hopefully my exhaust isn't rubbing my tank. I don't want any explosions!
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