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Lately I've had this problem when going WOT from 45 mph. The engine revs and the boost kicks in but no forward motion of the vehicle....all that happens is I get this sputtering noise in the rear end and a few wisps of white smoke in my rear view mirror and no acceleration. This usually scares me enough to let off the throttle immediately. I have not had an engine light come on when this happens. This only occurs at WOT from around 45mph, especially if the outside temperature is cool. I don't have any problem WOT from any other speed or gear.
The only issues I can think of....could it be just wheel spin, hence a little smoke, or is this a problem with the transmission or differential? I'm thinking I could need a new transmission soon, as I'm not sure how hard running 550 crank hp for over a year now is on the stock tranny.
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