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this is my friends post from another site and he has this question

i told him i could ask you guys and see if you all knew but here they are post
back and help him out please ......

I'm restoring my 66 convertible and some jerk keeps stealing my right fender pony ornament. It's happened twice in 3 months. Although I'm tempted to wire my battery to the ornament bolts to shock the bugger next time he tries, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good security system that's 1) sensitive to even slight vibration and 2) whose installation won't ruin my car.

Right now I have only a single speaker (mono) in my dash. Are the kickpanel speakers in the NPD/ mustangs unlimited catalogues any good? I think they go for $129/ $125 per pair-- but is it better to get the kick panels with cut-outs for speakers and getting speakers separately? I don't have a bundle to spend, but I want to make a wise investment.
Any thoughts you have are VERY MUCH appreciated!
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