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I have the option to get a low mileage 1995 Thunderbird SC engine. Instead of tearing down my engine and having exchange alot of parts from the SC to my mustang to get this project done im planning to sway the whole SC motor into my car. Oh and my car is a 1996 V6 5 speed. So heres the summary of what im gonna do: Im going to chuck the old intercooler and install an aftermarket one since those you can cut to fit better in the mustang engine bay. Then I am going to have to do some splicing and dicing. I will use wiring we have spare to create another power wire and grounds/negatives, etc to the 1995 tbird computer (its a five speed computer btw). Than all the A/C, radio, etc... pins i will leave connected to the mustang computer and all the engine related pins will be connected to the S/C computer. I will have to put a custom air intake and filter system on the car of course and yes I have the mustang shorty headers with dual 2.5" exhaust. I am also getting a 1990 tbrd sc pulley since its slightly smaller. But I have a few questions I need solved before buying and proceeding.

1. Will the dual computer system with the A/C, radio etc connected to the mustang ecu and the engine pins connected to the tbird ecu work if i have two power sources to power the computers?

2. Will the tbird sc engine bolt onto the mustang mounts and attach to the fuel lines etc... with no complications?

3. Will my stock v6 5 speed trans bolt onto the S/C engine or is the bolt pattern, shaft, etc... different?

4.Will the shorty headers from my mustang bolt up to the engine with plenty of clearance?

5. Any other areas I must consider?

Please serious answers only! Thanks!
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