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Quick Suspension Question

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Planning on doing a little suspension work on the stang shortly, and the place where I'm buying my dampers sells vogtland springs. The shop recommends them because they are the only manufacturer that gave the shop the specific spring rate of their springs, plus they're supposed to be lightweight. Question is, anyone ever ran this spring on their car? Is this a good spring, or should I stick with one of the more popular brands for stangs? Here's the package I've put together to start off:
1) Koni adjustable dampers (yellows)
3) steeda adjustable panhard rod/ support
4) steeda front/rear sway bars
5) camber bolts(for now)

Thanks guys.
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Not many people run Vogtlands, but those who do usually say they're the best out there. I know a local mod guy who works mostly on Mustangs. He sells his creations at one of the Ford stores here in Charlotte. He lowers almost all of his cars, and until recently, he was using Vogtlands. He's told me in the past they were about as good as you could get, and I've driven a couple of his cars and was very impressed.

However, I ran into him a couple of months ago, and he said he had switched to another brand since he had found some issues with the springs he had installed in cars in the past. I can't remember exactly what he said the problem was, but I think it had something to do with them popping/pinging after being in the car for a while.

If you had asked this question a couple of months ago, I probably would have sung the praises of Vogtland. I've heard good things from people running them, but based on the comments from the one guy I know, I just felt like I should throw that out there ... whatever it's worth.
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Everything looks good, but I would change the Koni stuff for the Tokico d-specs.
I'm with Redfire. Go with Tokico D-Spec's instead of Koni.
As far as springs you can go with BMR, Eibach, Steeda, Saleen, or Roush. All of those are very reputable companys.
Thanks for the info msclcar...anything helps because i havent heard of anyone running them. Only reason i'm considering koni's is because sam strano of strano parts recommended them. Says their warranty program is alot better/ alot less hoops to jump through if something breaks.
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