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If this isn't enough info or this wouldn't work at all sorry for being ignorant but I'm trying to find out info for my buddy. We are looking to swap a 5.0 into my friends 94 ranger and we're trying to find out what all will be needed for the swap. he's on TRS gathering info too but I figured I'd try my luck here as well.

We are thinking we can find the 5.0 from an explorer or an f series but we're hung up on drivetrain ideas. The truck is a five speed and he wants to keep it manual so would the 4 or 5 speeds and the transfer case from an f series work? What about driveshafts and axles? We're going to swap the rear axle to an 8.8 but should we take the front axle from an f series too? Will the motor mounts from an explorer work? Will there be major fitment issues with the drivetrain or motor? Sorry for all the questions just seeing if we should go for the 5.0 or just find a 4.0 and settle for that.

Heres some details about the swap and truck to clarify,

The truck is a 1994 5 speed 4x4 with manual hubs in the front which must have been converted since it has the push button controls.
It has a 3.0 V6 currently with 160k miles that's about to kick the bucket.
Truck has a 2 inch body lift, and 6 inch skyjacker kit with that brace for the TTB axle and upgraded radius arms.

Like I said if any more info is needed or we are in for a shitload of work just let me know, thanks for any advice everyone.
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