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rattle HELPPPPPP!!!

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i got this damn rattle coming from either the dash or somewhere in the eng. compt. any one experiencing this? PLEASE HELP!!
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the only rattle I've had is when I get wheel hop... feels like the whole car is going to tair itself apart
i got one in the driver door, passenger door and one in the dash. The one in the dash comes and goes, the ones in the doors i hear all the time, especially when my exhaust drones. The ones in the door are where the lever is to open, but I think its more specifically coming from where the lock and unlock button is. If I decide to detail my interior in march i'll see if i can tighten them or figure something out. The dash rattle i'll take of some other time

if you look at the door handle... the little plastic thing behind is a covers for a bolt thats actually on really loose and has lots of play... its a clip on, not much you can do about it, I bet thats what making the ratling sound.
anyone have squiking seats?

Mine squik everytime I go through some corners...

and my clutch pedal squiks too...
my clutch squeaks as well...for everything else...DYNOMAT is awsome!!!


its a ford, its only going to get worse, so make your exhaust louder to drown it out

I concur
1 - 5 of 29 Posts
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