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rattle HELPPPPPP!!!

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i got this damn rattle coming from either the dash or somewhere in the eng. compt. any one experiencing this? PLEASE HELP!!
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anyone have squiking seats?

Mine squik everytime I go through some corners...

and my clutch pedal squiks too...
just more proof to show that your car is a POS Lulu :p:D

lol im jsut messing with ya dude.

it does seem as though we send the lemons to Puerto Rico and other foreign locations
Go to your dealer and ask about a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) on rattles. There are a couple of them floating around about rattles.
Seat squeaking- The seatbelt lock is very tight in this area, I have noticed the plastic lock fastener likes to squeak against the leather. Not really a big deal.....just adjust the seats so it doesn't rub as much.
Check your wiper washer fluid container. I had bad rattle it was the container, I'll explain. The container is held to the inner fender on the drivers side there is a weak point and the metal cracks. It was driving me nuts I fixed it and the car rides like a rock now.
i have mine on the dasha nd when i put my hand on it it goes away...its near the drivers side
i got one in the driver door, passenger door and one in the dash. The one in the dash comes and goes, the ones in the doors i hear all the time, especially when my exhaust drones. The ones in the door are where the lever is to open, but I think its more specifically coming from where the lock and unlock button is. If I decide to detail my interior in march i'll see if i can tighten them or figure something out. The dash rattle i'll take of some other time
For the rattle in the door there is a TSP and they fixed mine. Now I found that the door was only a small part of the noise. Drive with the window open and hold the mirror (the glass) and see if the rattle stops. Mine did.......................back to the stealer I go:(

For anyone with the rattle at/above 2500rpm when cold that’s coming from under the car I just fixed mine over the weekend. There is also a TSB on it somewhere but the fix is so simple I just did it while doing my oil change. My transmission bellhousing cover was causing a really!! Loud rattle for the first 20mins or so of driving for the day that started right around 2500rpm. The trans cover is only held by two bolts near the top of a semi-circular thin metal plate. This plate doesn't sit tight against the bellhousing at the bottom and vibrates against it like a drum or a tuning fork at certain rpm's causing the rattling sound.

Simple Fix:
1) Remove the two bolts from the cover.
2) Pry the cover away from the housing slightly with a screwdriver/prybar etc to open up the gap so you can work
3) Get some thin 3M double sided tape like used to attach emblems (Found some at hardware store), clean the two surfaces a little and place a half inch wide strip about 4 inches long along each side.
4) Reinstall the two bolts and torque then down snug, which will squeeze down on the 3M adhesive and it’s not going anywhere.
5) Enjoy having no rattle at 2500rpm.:cool:

I had a rattle under the car since new and always thought my engine sounded kind of rough at 2500rpm but never 'felt' rough if you follow. After the above mod the harshness I was hearing around those RPMS is totally gone and no more annoying rattle.

As for the doors I pulled the door switch covers off one day and found the wires going to the switches was just left long and loose inside the door panel and it would vibrate at certain freqs with the stereo. I twisted up the extra wire and stuffed a little soft upholstery foam down in the cavity below the switches and now it’s all quiet. As stated above the little covers behind the door handles rattle too, take a tiny bit of the left over 3m doubled sided tape from above and put it at the 4 corners of that plastic piece, snap it back in and no more rattle there either.

Sorry I don't have the dash rattle so I have no clue on that one.
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Electrical tape FTW to fix behind door handle panel
I found that the windshield washer fluid container was lose. Where it's connected at the topin the inner driver side fender, there is a weak point and the metal cracks. I shimmed it with a nail and taking up the play no more rattle. check it out
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