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Hello Diff Experts. Is it significantly risky to re-use the original Lock Bolt for the Differential's Cross-Pin? With LocTite I would add upon reinstallation?

I used a 6-point 5/16" wrench to remove the Lock Bolt. It is the original Ford Lock Bolt and it only has been removed this once. Removal took some firm pressure at first but unscrewed with no fuss. The drive faces of the head of the bolt are still sharp & in good condition. The rear end has over 150,000 miles on it.

My only other alternative in my local area is a Dorman 81048. However, I am not so convinced of Dorman's quality. I fear a new Dorman would break/shear upon future removal before the re-used 1987 Ford Lock Bolt would.

Are there flex fatigue cycle concerns from the Cross Pin that would have me discard the Ford original Lock BOlt?

Application: '87. All stock. All original. 8.8 rear. TractionLok. Street duty only. Lock Bolt brand is Ford. Lock Bolt vintage is 1987.
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