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I have fought with the decision on the gear selection as I heard good and bad news for each but I went with FFRP 410's and have yet gone to the track to test them as work is keeping me chained up.
I had the 3:31s and was consistent with the launches but improved in the 60' with techniques from advice applied and my ets were consistant when the conditions were equated.
Running full trim (spare and jack included) I made very little gains or changes and hope not to pull out too much of the interior out of the car.
I have leather seats and the shaker 1000 and will pull them to help make gains if I can.
Anyone weigh them to share the numbers?
I was going to weigh them as I pulled them and put the car on the scale.
What are if any gains from the gears on the et?
First to second is quick as well as second to third and pulling harder in third is noticable but without the true measurement of the track timing instruments I am only able to guess unless others have done the same already.

If you have first hand knowlage and wish to share please do so.

Would be nice if we had threads or just one about the parts we pull and the weight they are.

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