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Hello everyone, I know this is a long post but I would really appreciate if you guys took the time to read this over, it's a problem I've been trying to diagnose for almost a year now.

I've had a pretty distressing noise coming from my mustang since I purchased the vehicle. The best way I can describe it is a loud, rocky, chatter/rumble whenever I get off of load (let off the gas) at mainly highway speeds. It is coming from the back of the car and it seems to correlate with car speed.

Some back story - I purchased the car from a person who had a Strange Built Diff put in with 4.10 gears. He also put in aftermarket control arms along with the built diff. At first I thought the noise was from a poor install of the gears (sounded like gears with slack smacking each-other), so I had them replaced with 3.73 gears professionally. The 4.10 gears had suffered some significant damage, a lot of wear on them that seemed to indicate poor tolerances during the install. I was almost sure the noise would disappear once the gears were replaced but unfortunately it hasn't. After the gears I decided to replace the driveshaft and both U-Joints. This did not solve the problem either. Wheel bearings check out fine as well as wheels & tires.

What the #### is wrong with my car? What could this noise possibly be?

Also - the car makes a sound that sounds like marbles and rocks rolling around in the gears when I coast to a stop at lower speeds - seems like it could be the same noise just at a lower speed. On the highway, when I let off the gas it makes the chatter/ rumble (Sounds like going over a studded median almost) for a while and then stops. Pressing on the gas will end the noise instantly. I've also found the ABS light comes on if this vibration occurs enough. Any ideas at all?
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