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How much does a decent set run? I found a set in one of the mustang mags for 300$ they bolt to the stock shock mounts and all. This is kinda weird because I see some (most) that are like 1500 to 2g's so I am wondering why these are so cheap?

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They don't include shocks and springs?

A set from MM will cost you about $350. And that is without shocks. The pieces are not that expensive usually, its the Shocks/Struts that are more expensive. You want a set of high quality shocks for coil overs that can take the added force of the spring on them, and have enough damping force for the wheel rate.

I wouldn't get coil overs with anything less than a set of Tokico Blues or Bilstein HD's. You want to make sure they are strong enough for the spring to be mounted to them, not the control arm like they are stock.
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