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I am new to this forum and was wondering if someone could give me any ideas to this issue I have with my 2006 Mustang GT.

Well, I noticed that oil was leaking from my rear differential and after further inspection the oil leak was caused because someone (I just bought this car 3 months ago) had raised the car from the rear differential.

I changed the oil added a new gasket and now I have this rattling noise from my rear tires. The rattling/vibration only happens when the car is turning left or right and not going straight.

I removed the rear tires and now noticed that my rear pads are wearing down unevenly...So now I am thinking if the noise is caused because the rear caliper piston is not retreating, the brake pads are stuck because of corrosion, rotors are deformed OR is it caused because of some rear differential issue.

I don't think it is the rear differential because when I changed the oil there was no metal shavings, all the gears seemed fine and saw nothing out of its place, and because the rattling/vibration only happens when I turn the car.

So, I installed new rear brake pads (cleaning and greasing up the caliper contacts in the process). After the new brake pads were installed, there was absolutely no change. I then added oil additive to the rear differential. The rattling/vibration diminished, but it was still there. So I thought maybe I just need to add more oil additive. I drove the car 20-30 miles and now the rattling/vibration is back, like if I had absolute done nothing.

I did see a thread somewhere where someone suggested e-brake adjustment. I also tried that with no effect watsoever.

Any ideas, suggestions?
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