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ok i want to go with a set of lakewood 50/50 one the rear of my 03 cobra with solis axle i need to know are the 50/50 gas charged or not? like if you push them down do they come back up on there own?

i was ruunignthe factory irs bilsten,m come to find out that they are almost compressed all the way when weight is on the car.

so the irs shock will for , but you will have a harsh ass ride, cause theres onlt 1/2 max till they bottom out.

so 50 50 s gas charged or not?

i dont fell like taken the ones off my 83 gt to see/

im going to run the eibach rear drag launch springs with the air bar, i had off my 83 gt i was told they will fit my soild axle also. thanks
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