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Whether you're a fan of racing, autocross fan or a thrill-seeker, being a Ford Mustang owner gives you a lot of advantages. The best one is performance upgrade you can bolt on without any serious modifications. Injecting a nitrous is one of the most popular ways to boost the power of your pony and make it really fast. Nitrous Oxide Systems or “NOS” shows the world how to effectively harness the power of nitrous oxide for automotive use for many years and today we are here to introduce a bolt on NOS EFI Wet Nitrous System for 2011-2017 Ford Mustang with a Coyote 5.0.

NOS® - Ford EFI Wet Nitrous System at

Main features:

- Adjustable: Yes
- Bottle Size: 10 lb
- Color: Black
- Material: 6061 T-6 Aluminum
- Max Horsepower: 250
- Fits both the standard and 302 Boss manifolds
- Includes an NOS Mini 2-Stage Progressive Controller (15974NOS)
- Provides exceptionally smooth power delivery
- Single 1/2"" plate between the throttle body and manifold
- Supports up to 250 RWHP (Rear Wheel Horse Power)
- Includes jetting for 75, 100, 125, & 150 RWHP and a 10 lb. "NOS Blue" nitrous bottle with brackets.


View all NOS Nitrous Oxide Systems Nitrous Kits, Gauges, Parts at

Give your Ford Mustang a shot of extra power with NOS Ford EFI Wet Nitrous System on!​
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