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removing the amber reflectors

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i was thinking about removing the amber reflectors from headlights, becuase my brother's audi s4 has them removed and i think it makes a little easy improvement to the car, making it a bit more clean.

So what do you guys think, reflectors or no reflectors on mustangs?
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They sell headlights without the amber reflectors. They have like a clear reflector instead. Idk just try googling it and see how it looks on the mustang.
I purchased a set of no amber headlights for my 99. It is a much cleaner look. You can't tell by my avatar but they do look good without the amber.
im just talking about removing them not buying new lights, im too cheep. =p imo 100 bucks could do better wonders then taking away some yellow
I like my headlights with the yellow...looks good imo :dunno

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I would have to agree with Safi on this one
yea me too. But i have mixed feelings. I guess just something you have to try and see. Go on i believe they have some on there or smoked ones with clear lenses i dont remember though
I like the reflectors on the headlights, but I won't say I hate the headlights without reflectors. It looks nice, just not quite complete.

It would probably be as simple as removing the headlights, opening the housing, and popping the reflectors off. Getting the sealant off to open the housing might be a PITA and I'll bet the reflectors are glued in so make sure you've got some "goo-gone" or whatever to clean up whatever is left behind. It would be an interesting little project. Post pics if you decide to do it :yes
+1 with safi
if you still want to do it without buying it here is a nice write up
How to make clear corner headlights for your Mustang GT, V6, Mach 1, or Cobra-
arent those like supposed to one the car to pass safety..idk but here in Hawaii if we dont have them no safety unless u feel like paying 40 bucks...
seen it wow..too much work for one little slip up u could damage ur headlight...two if u do finish it u double look inside theres pieces of glue inside..i say just leave it or get the smoked headlight covers from
you can get yellow light bulbs and have the clear reflectors.

I personally like the amber in the housings though. I'm am one of the few I guess who does...

I personally like the amber in the housings though. I'm am one of the few I guess who does...
I like it too, just in the darker housing and not in the clear housing though
i honestly dont like the clear corners. i think the amber reflectors make the car look more aggressive.
Yeah the ambers just give it contrast
Yeah the ambers just give it contrast
i think it just depends on the color of the car... like with red, black, and dark grey i think the clear corners look better but the rest look better with the ambers... imho anyway
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