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Does anyone know of a write up on how to replace a fuel sending unit (specifically one from a Cobra Fuel Tank). The pumps and everything are good, its just the previous owner bent the rod for the float when he was installing it so the gas gauge doesn't work. I'm assuming I'll have to drop the tank and drain it but I've never done that before on these cars so any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I replaced the fuel pump in my 02 gt. First thing I can say is do it when the tank is almost empty. The least amount of fuel in the tank the better.

there's 3 bolts (10mm) at the filler neck that have to come out. Make sure you have a floor jack under the tank to support it. One strap under the tank gets removed, the other strap only has one bolt and swings down. you'll have to pull out the fuel filler neck which is a bitch. make sure you replace the gasket on the tank when you put it back together, or else it will leak like crazy and you wont be able to have more than a half tank of fuel.

once thats all done, you can drop down the tank on the floor jack, disconnect the fuel lines, pump harness, and remove the top of the "basket" to access the pumps.

something I found while searching before doing mine:

A. Raise rear of car and support with jackstands
B. Open fuel door and remove fuel cap and three screws (10mm socket)
C. Remove fuel filter inlet line. You'll need a 3/8" springlock tool.
D. Support tank with jack, remove bolts for fuel tank straps
E. Slowly lower fuel tank until you can see the electrical connections for the fuel pump. Dissconnect these. There are two.
F. Remove six bolts securing fuel pump access cover on top of fuel tank (8mm). Depress two clips securing the plastic fuel pump enclosure and slide it out of tank. The fuel sender float is attached to the fuel pump. Dont' break it.
G. Remove the two screws securing the plastic fuel pump outlet manifold to the enclosure cap. Pull the manifold up and away from the fuel pump.
H. Remove the three screws securing the fuel pump enclosure's cover using a 3/16" nut driver and remove the cover.
I. Remove the fuel pump from it's enclosure. Separate the rubber pump support from beneath the filter and install it on the new pump.
J. Reinstall all that stuff in the opposite order.
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